BLF to block Outbound Call

Hey all!

I have a client in a remote location who would like to be able to stop all outbound calls except for 2 extensions with a push of a button.
They want to use this to mitigate the spread of misinformation in case of an emergency on the site.
Is there anything similar to the Call Flow function, but for Outbound call?
Or what would be the best way to approach this request?

We are using FreePBX in advance.

What does ‘push of a button’ mean? Are we talking about a physical button or via the FreePBX interface or by dialing?

Please also consider that depending on the implementation this could mean that you can’t reach the emergency line which is a high risk and possibly illegal depending on where you’re located.


What I mean by a Push of a button if for exemple a BLF key that would activate/deactivate the Outbound call ability for a group of extension.

As for the Emergency line. I would indeed have to take a look.

What do you mean by outbound calls? You mean to the PSTN or extension to extension calls? Because the former is pretty easy the latter will take some more work.


I mean a Outbound call to the PSTN.
They want to disable Outbound call for example extension 200,201,202 wont be able to make call to 819-111-1111 or any other phone number.

I think this would be easiest done with a custom trunk that dials your own dialplan as well as dialplan to set/unset the access feature code with a hint. You would then create an outbound route(s) after the emergency dialing one(s) that handles calls from the extensions in question that uses the custom trunk. The custom trunk would check the status of the hint and either terminate the call or direct it to some other destination such as a hangup.

It’s not trivial, but not overly complicated. If you have budget for this, it’s something that could be developed by Sangoma Support for you.

Another, similar, approach is to enable/disable the trunk using a dialing function. Set it up as a custom feature code. This way, you turn the trunk on and off for everyone in one fell swoop. IIRC, the option for enabling and disabling a trunk is a setting the ASTDB database built into Asterisk.

Honestly, that isnt going to stop the misinformation or gossip. Coworkers will have other means to communicate with each other. And if this is a serious emergency, blocking calls can cause more problems than solve.

Sounds like management is trying to solve a HR problem with technology instead of getting rid of people.

They are in the mining field. If there is an emergency underground, they want to be able to limit the calls.

The were supposedly able to do it with the old Nortel System and asked if that was a possible with this one.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll play with your suggestions in my lab.

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