BLF Text on Yealink (T48G) - FREEPBX


I have a question. Is there a way to change/adapt the status text of an extension that is polled at/via the BLF?

When an extension is in DND mode, it is also displayed in FreePBX, my Yealink T48G says “Speak”, which does not quite match the status now. In the administration menu I discovered the item: presence status, but can’t set/assign much there. In addition, I would like to display the status “In a Call” and “Offline”. :slight_smile:

Best regards

PS: Question on the side, is there also a possibility/script which transfers the Asterisk peer state “Offline” to the extension? This is about softphones like PhonerLite, which are shown as still available, although they are offline.

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