BLF substitution new options

I’ve noticed that in version 13 there are several additional options in the BLF substitution drop down on endpoint manager/extension mapping. These are None, No Substitution and a list of available extensions.

What are these new options and does one of them turn off the blf on that button? I would be nice to have one’s personal extension not show up and have nothing in it’s place.

That is exactly what they were added for.

None will replace the extension with a blank key.

No Substitution will allow the extension to be show as a BLF, as in nothing will be done for substitution.

Extensions do the same as always, they replace the extension of the device with the chosen extension.

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Thanks. That’s what I was looking for.

Is there a way to put a Paging Group Extension as the substitution?

Or have that BLF Key filled with the next BLF listed for the line keys? For example

Bob                                   Bob
Me            BECOMES                 Joe
Joe                                   Mary 

No page groups do not have a Hint for them and no it wont auto fill to the next button. That would create a nightmare as phones not all being the same.

So how would you use this feature if you already have all the extensions setup with BLF’s? There will just be a blank spot for your personal extension?

I can’t imagine an extension I could always substitute.

Not judging the setup, just trying to visualize how I can use this feature properly.


Yes correct just a blank setup. Some phones will auto fill up all the buttons if set to blank and others wont.