BLF status - can I disable some status updates?

Good morning all.

So, due to the lack of configuration support for RFC4662 (Event/Resource Lists), we have a LOT of BLF updates that occur at one customer. They required having BLFs for all of their key users, so each phone has like 40 on it. This, of course, causes very slow updates on the statuses, especially when going from IDLE, to RINGING, to IDLE/ANSWERED (the RINGING state can lag behind like 4-5 seconds).

So, the customer asked if we could maybe get rid of the RINGING status - all they really care about is idle or in-use. Is there any way to do this, either in FPBX or Asterisk?

I thought about just changing the state indicator for ringing to be solid (on the phone), but that wouldn’t really help, as the status update still is sent to the phone (it doesn’t reduce the messaging count, only what’s displayed).

Our goal would be to only see the following statuses:


I want to say Yes, but I doubt it’s going to be simple to implement. This is probably going to be deep magic stuff in the Asterisk source, since most of the hints originate there. Trying to do it on the phone isn’t going to help much, since the phone would still have to see the status changes and then ignore the ones you aren’t using.

I want to say Yes - I really do, but without some serious code work, I don’t think you’re going to get there. Try putting in a Feature Request and see what the code jockeys think.