BLF Pickup The Call ? How?

I have finally got endpoint working and have a couple phones that have a BLF Key. Everything works and when a call comes in you see it flash red but if I click the line it wont pickup? Is there some code that is used for this?


You have to program your phones with the directed call pickup feature code that is set in the feature codes module. By default, it is **.

If you have Polycom phones, you also have to add the following to your Asterisk SIP Setings module, under Other SIP Settings:


Thanks for your response. Well I have the blf key working on my cisco phones with

fnc=blf+sd+cp;[email protected](IP);nme=Carrie

everything works it flashes and shoes the status but I cant call pickup. If it is ringing I want to be able to pickup the call. I can do it with **101 but not *8. I want to get *8 working or be able to just click the blf key like in this video