BLF on Polycom VVX411 phone

We have a number of Polycom VVX411 phones connected to a hosted FreePBX server which largely work seamlessly. We are trying to set up a BLF line to monitor another extension. When that extension is rung, the BLF flashes as you’d expect, but when you hit the button to pick up the call, it doesn’t do anything.
Question therefore is, do we need the Endpoint Manager on the FreePBX system to configure this, or is there a way to get these BLF’s working without it?
Also, can you set up a BLF to monitor when a queue group rings?
Thanks All.

Do you see anything in the Asterisk logs when you press the button ?

Anything on the SIP debug output for that IP address of the phone ?

Thanks for the reply… Can you tell me where the Asterix logs would be on the FreePBX server for this particular issue? I can get the SIP debug logs from the phone.

The same place they are in all Asterisk servers: /var/log/asterisk/full.

Note that there are other log files in the /var/log/asterisk directory.

In order to seize a ringing call from another extension, you must dial the directed call pickup prefix, which defaults to **. So if I see extension 101 ringing, I can seize that call by dialing **101 from my phone. Your BLF button must be programmed to speeddial that sequence for you if you wish to seize the the call. I don’t have a lot of experience with Poly so I don’t know how one goes about that for your devices.

Thankyou. I will test it, but I think if we have it set to **101 or whatever the extension is, we won’t be able to see when it’s ringing, it would just be a speed dial… however I’ll test it before claiming to be an authority!

Other phones have a config option to dial a prefix in front of the extension number when it’s ringing. You don’t program the BLF with the actual ** prefix.

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