BLF Notify


When using a Sangoma S500 phone I have a BLF button setup to provide a visual notification for extension 8387.

When I call 8387 a notifcation is displayed on the screen on the extension that is setup with the BLF, however the notification contains:

Name: 8387
FromName: 8387
From: 8387

I assumed the FromName and From should be the CLID information for the inbound caller to 8387.

I have removed notifycid=yes from the advanced SIP settings; now the notification displayed is:

From: Button Name
Number: 8387

Also, possibly related, when we press the BLF button when the 8387 phone is ringing, the phone doesnt answer the call, rather is places another call to the extension… (goes straight to voicemail).


Are you using pjsip? Asterisk has not put in support for. Notifycid in pjsip

Nope, everything we have configured as SIP.

Ok well not sure here but it’s Asterisk that handles that and sounds like it’s broke but Digium is no longer supporting or fixing bugs in chan_sip.

My guess is this is it: