BLF not monitoring new extension Sangoma S series

Im pulling my hair out with this one.

I have BLF keys set on each extension to monitor/intercom the others as we only have 5 phones/extensions. I have added a new extension and on each of the other templates added a new key matching the others (BLF + Extension number). The rest of the phones will not show a red nor green light for the new extensions whether in use or idle. Am I missing something? All phones S705 on the same LAN. The new phone works as expected and the lights all green and working as its monitoring status of the rest of the extensions.

Thank You

Can you post a picture from the GUI of the phone DSS key section? So we can see what the phone has?

Also, you might want to try to restart Asterisk. Could be it somehow doesn’t accept new BLF subscribers?

fwconsole restart

In case you are not aware. Restarting asterisk will disconnect any active calls.

Asterisk restart did the trick. Weird because I did one already and it didn’t help. Maybe it needed two tries, not sure why. Thank You!

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