BLF Light without a subscription?

I am not sure I understand this yet, someone will set me straight if I have it wrong.

First, lets see if I have this right. Lets say I have a parking lot of 71,72,73. I set a phone programmable button to BLF - Value of 71. If I look in Asterisk Info under subscriptions I see that a device subscribes to the hint for 71. I make a call and park it and the kight for 71 lights and all is good.

I have a group of Escene build phones that although they are programmed to subscribe to the park locations, when I check the subscription status there are no phones subscribed, and the lights do not work. If I should happen to push one of the BLF buttons and there is a call there I will get it. I am contacting the maker (Escene) to see if there is anything I can do from a firmware perspective.

Is there anything I can do to force Asterisk to send the updates to the phones even if they are not subscribing to the hints?? Or is that strictly a phone issue. Other than this issue the phones work fine. I am going on site tomorrow I will see if I can capture the hint change going to the phones to make sure Asterisk is working as it should.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Strictly a phone issue. The client must subscribe to the hint.

Thanks Lorne I was pretty sure that was the case, but I wanted to not miss another solution.

Thanks again

Sometimes in the phone settings there will be an option to change or set the type of BLF hint. Usually changing it away from broadsoft is a good start.

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Thanks Andrew,
I have seen that setting in other phones, but alas not in this escene phone. On the bright side I heard back from Escene and they are providing updated firmware, so hopefully this will be the cure.