BLF light for Visual Voicemail

I have a group voicemail box registered to account 2 on my s700 phones with a line key using XML-API - REST-Voicemail to bring up visual voicemail. Works great, only we have no indication of a new message, If I switch to a BLF key and monitor the mail box I get the proper lights but no visual voicemail. Any way to get BLF lights with visual voicemail?

I can confirm, adding a separate REST Phone App VM button for each configured SIP account works, but BLF activity for both buttons only reflects the MWI for Account 1. Suggest you file a feature request to address this:

Technically we only support phone apps on the main account at this time due to security issues and being able to verify a phone should have ability for that app.

Thanks for the quick reply guys. I will open a feature request and see where it goes.