BLF keys set in UCP are gone. UCP doesn't save soft key changes

Not sure what logs I need to include with this. First time coming to the forums with a problem and we just rolled this system out.

Users have entered BLFs in the Softkeys using UCP but they are gone now. They can still change horizontal soft keys and line keys. Keys defined in the Endpoint Manager template are still there. The phones we have are Digium D50s.

I have tried deleting an extension from Endpoint Manager and recreating it, wipe the phone to factory defaults, etc.
I found this issue: can’t post link. thread in /t/queue-problem-and-blf-issues/36817
but we’re on Core Module 13.0.111 so probably not the same.

Upgrade to the edge endpoint with

fwconsole ma -- edge upgrade endpoint
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That did it, thanks

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