BLF Keys (Call Park: stops working after reboot of asterisk

I am having a issue with BLF keys not working after fwconsole restart or a server reboot. The only way to get them to work again is to reboot all phones.

Any Ideas where to start

Phones are Grandstream GXP 2160

yes this is a problem with GS and most phones with asterisk and BLFs. When asterisk restarts it does not keep track of who is subscribing to what hints. This is stored in memory only.

A proper phone when registering with asterisk should update all of its subscriptions so asterisk is aware of them.

Oh ok. So when the phone reboots it re subscribes to the PBX. I have tried a things that i found online but no luck.

This started happening a while back after a module update. I will try to reproduce the issues and see i can narrow down when it started on my test PBX

Thanks for the reply tony

This is not a FreePBX thing. This has been how asterisk has always been.

You can see for yourself. From asterisk cli do the following

sip show subscriptions

restart asterisk and do it again

You will see its empty. Again this is how asterisk works. Your phones need to resubscribe when they register each time and most phones do not do this.

Oh ok