BLF Key Quit Flashing on Ring

I have a system with PBXact and a slough of Grandstream GXP-2160 phones.

The phones have 20 programmable keys on a strip at the right of the phone, as well as other programmable keys around the display. Most of the keys on the right are programmed as BLF for common extensions in the system. At one time, when an extension was ringing the key’s LED would go from Green to Flashing Red, then when answered would go steady Red.

If your own extension was ringing the key for the Account on that phone (beside the display) would also do the same LED behavior.

Something changed recently and now the Programmed BLF key goes from Green to Red when ringing, but no longer flashes. However, the Account key does still flash when ringing. The problem is that operators watching for ringing lines to answer with **ext can no longer tell Ringing from Active status by watching the programmed BLF Keys.

When this happened, it happened to all phones. There are different firmware levels on the various phones, so the problem is unlikely to have originated in the phone. I believe I must have changed a setting on the PBX which is somehow affecting how the BLF-programmed Key LED responds to the Notify data.

Any suggestions on what might cause the LED on a BLF key on the phone to respond differently than the LED on a key programmed for the line (extension’s account) would be helpful.

I have been working with Grandstream support on this for several days and wanted to add the FreePBX Community to the hunt because the answer seems to be evasive, and universal which may indicate a PBX factor.

Are you using endpoint manager to provision the phones? If so, maybe a change in the templates has occurred and that is why you are seeing this behaviour in all phones, regardless of firmware version. The behaviour of the keys can be controlled by the provisioning file IIRC.

I didn’t use Endpoint manager, just got the first phone configured and copied that to each of the others. We’ve been live for a few months on this system.

The behavior of the LED changed at some point and was brought to my attention as the operators depend upon that to know when to pick up calls for key extensions. The last thing I remember changing on the system was implementation of paging using Multicast and adding a SNOM device to connect to a Valcom Paging system in the building.

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