BLF Key on Timer

Hi guys
I have been struggling to get the BLF key for out of hours IVR on a timer, so we dont have to remeber press the BLF key

I have tried setting up Misc destinations, timer groups and conditions linked to Feature code admin specific key, but to no avail.

Any help much appreciated!

Well first you have to remember the BLF key is just monitoring the state of something. So if you are monitoring your After Hours that means you either have a Call Flow or Time Condition that is being used since IVRs can’t be monitored.

If you want to trigger this automatically then you need to set something up to do so otherwise you need to use the BLF to issue the star codes to toggle the state. Time Conditions already does this, are you not using that?

I am using Time conditions, but is doesnt trigger it.
Destination match: Feature code admin, 1: Voicemail BLF <*281>
Destination non-match: Feature code admin, 1: Voicemail BLF <*281>

What i expect is that this is the correct way to trigger the code, triggers on, triggers off.
I link that to a time group but doesnt trigger

No, you don’t do that. The system will update the STATE of the Time Condition automatically. So when it’s after hours it will change the state to show “BUSY” i.e. in use. You don’t set the destinations to the feature codes. The features codes are there for state toggling.

Ahh ok. So how do i set it up then?
What i am tring to acheive, is that the IVR for out of hours automatically goes on at 17:00 monday-friday, but has to be manually turned off in the mornings via the BLF key

You’ll need to define an actual time start and finish. So you set it from 17:00 - 08:00 and if you come in at 7 you’ll see the BLF set to the IN USE/BUSY state and you hit the BLF button. It toggles the Time Condition to be not in use and will send calls like normal.

Ok right, getting somewhere!
BLF key doesnt toggle until i call in. And if i dont call in, doesnt toggle off…?
What am i missing here?

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