BLF key just for indicating state of extension


I have sangoma phones and FreePBX setup in my company. I have Ext100 with reception phone. on that I want to set BLF key with all Extensions so that receptionist can get if Extension is busy before forwarding call to that. I have set BLF key and that showing "Green light " for available Extension and "Red light " for Busy Extension. but with that Receptionist can pick up call when it’s “Blinking Red” indicating call is coming in . I want to Disable that option , is it possible? if yes from where in FreePBX I can set that?

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Thats a phone setting.

What phone model(s) are you using?

Sangoma S705 + Ext100

If you have no need for directed call pickup on this system, you can disable it in Admin, Feature Codes and then rebuild phone config and reprovision phones.

it works after disable “Direct call Pickup” from Feature Codes. Thank you lgaetz.

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