BLF issue - extension doesn't show as BUSY when calls come in

The nine primary extensions on our PBX are configured to light an LED for an extension when another user is on the phone (BLF.) That works fine. When a call comes in, it rings all of those extensions. What USED to happen was all of the extensions would show as ringing; in other words, the LEDs would flash indicating ringing on each phone. If a phone was in-use (on another call,) that extension’s LED would stay solid and NOT flash when an incoming call was ringing all of the other phones. That enabled users to see two things - it would indicate a call was coming in and it would indicate who was busy on the phone already. That way, if the normal reception staff was busy, someone else would see that and know that they should pick up the call.

However, since updating to a much newer version of FreePBX (15.0.21) that doesn’t ALWAYS happen anymore. Normally, if an extension is already on a call and a new call comes in, all of the other extensions will simply show that extension as ringing - like all of the others. It doesn’t indicate that specific extension is busy. (The LED for that extension flashes - just like all of the others.)

This probably something simple - but I’m not sure what I need to change.

If you’re still using chan_sip this setting is exposed in Asterisk SIP Settings

If you are using chan_pjsip I’m not sure how to change it.

I appreciate the suggestion. We are using legacy SIP (chan_sip) - so I tried turning that OFF. But all that changed was - instead of the LEDs on each extension flashing on and off on an incoming call - the LEDs just stay ON for each extension until the call is answered.

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