BLF is blinking green at all times

I have one extension out of hundreds that the BLF on the D70 phones is blinking green at all times. I have extremely little knowledge of Free PBX so i could use some help.

The user at that extension is using a D62 phone so they are unaffected as that phone does not have the phonebook piece on the side that shows the LEDs. However any other user that has the D70 with the phone book display and has this extension added to their phone book it blinks green at all times regardless of whether a call is coming in or not.

I have found “res_digium_phone_devices.conf” and see that the extension that has the issue does not include some lines that the other extensions have. how do i edit this file?

problem extension:

working extensions:
blf_contact_group=Ext 160

I have tried replacing the handset, I have rebooted, I have reset to factory defaults, I have verified they are in an available state and toggled them to away etc and none of the changes reflect on the other phones.

I have found that the missing lines of code is not related to the issue as those lines only appear on the D70 phones that have the phone book.

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