BLF intercom while someone is on hold


I have a Sangoma FreePBX System 60 running the newest version of FreePBX 14. I use Sangoma S505 Phones with EXP100 sidecars, all with newest firmware. When I hold down a BLF key with an extension mapped to it, it intercoms with the person at that extension; however, it will not work if I have someone on hold. I (my customer) would like to be able to place a call on hold and then long press the BLF extension to contact the person before I transfer the call. Is that possible? It does not currently work.

Thanks in advance!

Do they press ‘new call’ before holding down the BLF key?

I see the same on S series running firmware .72. It’s possible this feature could be added since a short press of the BLF works as expected, please open a support ticket if you wish to pursue it further.

Yes, but it does not work. I tried again this morning after I read your post to confirm.

I have submitted ticket #939224

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