BLF hint for call in queue assigned to queue login feature code

Hey there!

I’ve done some looking around, and I can’t really find anything of an inquiry of this nature, and for all I know, this may not even be possible.

I have our phones (Obi1062) configured with a BLF assigned to the login for two queues. I was wondering if it is possible to configure the hints for those two queues to add a “ringing” hint as a status indicator to show that there is a call in the queue that the BLF that the phone is monitoring (which would turn the light orange on our phones if that hint was added, green when logged out, and red when logged in.)

If a forum topic already exists and my research did not turn it up, I apologize. Point me in the right direction and I’ll let myself out. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Not sure. Maybe:

I haven’t tried this, but am really curious about developing your own hints to use:

Let me know if you do something like this.

So I started poking around based on the information given here.

Somewhere in the extensions.conf, I need to add

exten => s,n,Set(STATE=RINGING)

as part of the logic for inserting a call in the queue, but find a way to set the state to whatever it was previously for each individual agent… and pass that logic along to the BLF for the individual login for each agent… if I’m thinking properly. This is my first time manipulating the .conf file directly, all of the changes I have made in the past have been through the FreePBX interface… I may actually enjoy this!

The above string that needs to be added to the conf file may need some tweaking, but it’s a good starting point…

Whatever you add needs to be in the extensions custom conf or extensions override conf. Custom is for something not already defined in the FreePBX config files, override is for something that is defined in the FreePBX config files, but you want to change the behavior.

Sorry, I should have used that :).

I’m just poking around the extensions.conf to teach myself the operations.

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