BLF for queue login status on Grandstream GXP2140


I’ve been trying all day to set up a programmable key on our Grandstream GXP2140’s to show the login status for a queue.

I set up a Line key as BLF, set the account to Account 1 (the registered SIP account), and the description to Login / Logout. For the value, I’ve tried a bunch of different things (the queue is 500 and the extension is 110):

So far, I have not idea what to rty next? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What does core show hints from the asteirsk cli show for hints generated by the system? Also in the queue page in FreePBX at the top of the queue do you have generate hints enabled?


Thanks for your prompt reply. With your help, I got it working!

After checking the generate hints box, the hint showed up. I had looked at ‘core show hints’ before, but didn’t see the hint for the queue. It’s there now, and I used the hint as the “value” filed of a BLF button. It works great. I only wish I could get the 45110500" not to display on the button below the button label (but, that’s a Grandstream thing!).


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Hi Tony,

Hello, I am also trying similar but with GXP2170, I am looking for “Generate Device Hints” setting is not available in Queues setting page. FreePBX version is
I would appreciate if you can advice me how the setting field to appear on the page.

Many thanks in advance,