BLF for calls in Queue

I have created Queue where all the inbound calls will land. One single extension/operator is assigned to this Queue. If she is on a call is there a way for her to know that another call is waiting in a Queue? I am using Cisco SPA504g with attendant console 500S. Can I define one of the key on this attendant to act as BLF for any call that enters the Queue? How do I do this?

My config is:
Asterisk :
FreePBX :


Creating a BLF for Waiting Callers is not posibble, what might help is adding additional Line keys for the same account on the phone, this way the is always a Line key blinking on the phone as long as there is one free. Do remember that the key’s will probebly not be lighting up in order.

If you than greate a Parking-Lot and add a speed dial to the parking lot the user can park the call with one buton, with some additional BLF Buttons of the parking lots spaces the user can see and pickup the parked calls.

Hope this helps.


Richard, thanks for the reply.
My first attempt was Parking Lot but the problem with parking lot was the Announcement of parking location to the caller. I couldn’t find a way to disable this announcement so I switched to Queues.
When you say Line Key, do you mean to add this Queue number(in my case its 621) as an extension to spa504g? I did this and the key stays orange.
Any idea?

When you create an Account in the phone, it has at least one Line key with this key you can receive one call (call waiting not counted), most phones soppurt creating additional Line kays for the same account.

These are the keys i mean. :wink:

Sorry, iám not familair with the Linksys SPA’s so i could me mixing up termonoligy.


Thanks again, Do you know anyway to disable Parking Lot Announcement to the caller?

No, Sorry, but the anouncement should be played to the parkee , not the callee thats being parked.

While i type this, i rememberd that there where some troubles with this anouncement in asterisk, what version are u using? i know is was in 1.8 and thay fixed it around 1.8.9/1.8.10, sorry don;t know the bug report no and not sure is it is the same as your siuation.


Have not read those fully, maybe the help.