BLF "feature" key for FollowMe

Good evening.

Is there a way in the current FreePBX distro to create a BLF “feature key” that toggles on/off Follow Me?



Dicko are you sure? Lmgtfy

I should have said I don[t think so from the gui as that is how inread the question, of course a lot more is possible.

Yes FreePBX creates lots of hints. Do a core show hints in asterisk CLI and you will see the hint for Follow Me for your extension. It should by default be *21EXT so *214002 in my example with 4002 being my extension

Yes it does, a friend of fine has been using this feature.

Tony, that was what I was looking for. I ended up stumbling across it when I saw the hints list and recognized the FollowMe toggle feature code in the list. :slight_smile:

can the follow me code *21 be set with a BLF function to show activated or de-activated I did set as BLF it works but no status indication

is it posible to activate blf when i answer with a second phone whith the follow-me feature
example : i’ve desk phone 4000 and wireless phone 4001 , the 4000 extension have follow-me with 4000 and 4001 and my friend have only blf for my 4000 when i answer with 4001 the 4000 blf dont be red…
thanks for your answer

If I understand what is being asked, this might help:

it’s exactly what i want to do
thanks a lot