BLF extention not working when user loggin on and off

I hope someone will be able to help.
I created a user and also set the correct settings in the ‘advanced settings’ like ‘Enable Custom Device States’ and ‘Dynamically Generate Hints’.

logging on and off works perfectly.

Example; on phone 204 I log on (*11) with user (not device) 207. After logging on device 204 is not available anymore and user 207 is.
When i log off *12 then 204 is available again and 207 is unavailable (yeah!)

BUT; I have an issue with the BLF light belonging to device 204.
On other phones the light is green when not in use. When I log on user 207 the 204 light turns red (so far so good). When I log off user 207 the 204 light stays red.
I can make calls to 204 and they work well, but the light only changes after I reboot the phone.

I am running FreePBX 2.9 fully updated and the phones are Cisco SPA508G fully updated (7.5.5)

Can someone please help me get this BLF working?


nobody any clues on this?

I suggest first getting on a current version of FreePBX like 2.11. If you have a bug it wont get fixed on your version as its over 2 years old now going on 3.

thanks for the reply. Actually I am already running 2.11, looked at a wrong version number. This install is only 1 month old.