BLF doesn't work, Aastra 9143i, EM Pro

Back story: This was an older system using OSS Endpoint Manager. We found that we couldn’t get new phones to work properly (programmable buttons), so wanted to move to EM Pro. Couldn’t register that old version to get licenses, so went through the upgrade process to bring it up to 10.13.66-15

Now have the phones provisioned with EM Pro, but the BLF doesn’t work for the programmable keys. They are set for BLF/Xfer, and the xfer part works, but the lights don’t come on when the extensions are busy. The extensions are setup as ChanSIP and we’ve not modified the extensions since the upgrade, just reprovisioned the phones with EM Pro.

We have EM setup for Aastra firmware 1.13.

All modules are current as of 10:00 AM PDT, 8-Aug. Button setup is in the image below.

Asterisk is 13.10.0

Any help very appreciated.