BLF does not work

Hi guys,
i have configured my own freepbx to allow dynamic hint and blf
i have configured my aastra 6755i buton 8 to activate call flow control and light button when night off when day (with blf *280 on programable keys in aastra web config)
it works fine

now i wanted to do the same in one of my customer’s office
did exactly the same config with same phone and freepbx
led 8 doesnt light on!!!

when i type core sho hints
watchers is always on “0” even when call flow is night mode or day mode

can you help me?



Help you make money selling technology you don’t understand?

I am out.

You will find the paid support link at the top of the page.

Sorry if i’m not in the right forum

your comment makes me feel as if i am a bad guy!
i’m just a technical trying to find a solution

thanks dolesec,
already read this thread

thank you anyway