BLF Configuration

We have the Sangoma S500 phones and are trying to figure out a small BLF issue.

We have a receptionist who answers the phone but when she is on the phone one of our users needs to pick it up. Right now both the receptionist and the backup are in the same ring group.

When the receptionist is on the phone the BLF is solid so the backup user can see it, but when a new call comes in the BLF starts flashing like it is a new call and the backup user cannot tell if the receptionist is on the phone. How can we configure the phone to stay solid when a new call comes in?

Sorry if this is confusing.

You would have to try this but you could change your ring group to a queue and set it for ring all, skip busy agents.
This would make it so that if the receptionist was on the phone, it would not even ring their phone, it would only ring the backups phone. The problem is if you need the receptionist to know there is another call coming in. But the receptionist would be able to tell this if they had the BLF of the backup.

If you wanted you could use a style other than ring all and then the backups phone would only ring if the receptionist was already on the phone, not every time a new call came in.

Thank you for the response, I thought of the Queue option but the receptionist would need to see that other calls are coming.

I will play with the different options of ringing and see if any of them will help.

Not sure if it’s possible, but what you are asking for is to have a different BLF appearance between hint status “InUse” and “InUse&Ringing”.

Thank you, i will research using those terms.

I am informed that this feature is not currently supported, but if you are interested in filing a feature request it can be done here (select project TELE)

A ringing state in BLF will always override the inuse state. This is how every SIP phone works with BLF so if a user is on a call and also getting a second ringing call the BLF for their extension will always be ringing not in use as ringing has a higher priority.

Part of the issue is Asterisk itself only has 3 states. In use, Ringing or Not In Use.

Asterisk 13 has “InUse&Ringing” as well:

*CLI> core show hint 2014
[email protected]      : PJSIP/2014&Custom:DN  State:InUse&Ringing   Presence:available       Watchers  3
1 hint matching extension 2014

Yes it shows us both but that will always map to the highest priority state which is ringing. What the user wants is a special state when its in use and ringing.

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