BLF button on remote offices on an Aastra phone


I am trying to figure out how to monitor a remote extension for status on a blf key on an aastra 67xx series phone. Both systems are connected using IAX and all that is working fine. I can program a blf key on the phones and it does call the other extension. The last part is getting the light to light. Can someone tell me if this is possible and is so point me in the direction I need to go in to get it working??

Thanks alot!

You can not. The Aastra phone can only register to the local PBX it is connected to.

I don’t understand if edlentz wants to do the same thing i’m searching for :

I have a cisco SPA604G registered to freepbx “A” as extension 5001
With this phone i monitor (and eventually call) the extension 5004 by adding this line to a configurable line key :
fnc=blf+sd+cp;[email protected][freepbx"A"ipaddress];[email protected][freepbx"A"ipaddress];nme=EXT5004
Blf works OK

I configured the same way another unused line key to monitor and call the “610” extension on freepbx “B” (A and B are VPN connected by a IAX trunk) :

fnc=blf+sd+cp;[email protected][freepbx"B"ipaddress];[email protected][freepbx"B"ipaddress];nme=EXT610

With this key I can call remote extension 610 but I can’t get the BLF status
Could this work with some tricks or is impossible itself ??


There is a concept in Asterisk called distributed device states that would be the proper way to do this, but that is too advanced for me. I do have a very rough script that queries a remote Asterisk server for an extension status and updates a local hint. You could cron this script to run frequently to get a poor man’s distributed device state.


The script is just a proof of concept, perhaps some day I will turn it into something a bit more useful.

Using pubsub in Asterisk 11 is the proper way to go.