BLF (Busy line field) for Queue

I would like to activate a BLF if a user is logged-in into a queue. We have agents which can be logged-in into various queues and i would like to have a indicator on the phone for them, so they visually see if they are logged-in or not…

So far i did not see any good solution fro that problem. i hope you guys have a idea… Thanks!


See if this works.


hi thanks

but i can not see / understand where to start.
can you maybe guide me a little? Thanks.


While I haven’t tried this particular implementation myself. I am using the custom_devstate patch for several functions.

1st you need to be running asterisk 1.4 and freepbx 2.5
Search for and install the custom_devstate patch.

Then install the patch as described in tucket #3044

In looking at the ticket, I’m not sure what the ststus is…you might want to bring up that ticket and post a comment asking for the status.

As I said, I’haven’t tried to use it.


Found a solution that works, Pls. check my blog: