BLF Attended Transfer and Transfer to VM


S700 phone on PBXact

Customer wanted to change the BLF so transfer -> BLF uses Attended Transfer which works fine after editing Basefile changing option P3205 to 0 from 1.

However, they would also like to use the BLF to transfer directly to VM. I’ve been unable to use the Prefix * and BLF, is there some other way of doing this?



We were just about to log a similar ticket! We have an S500 with 2 * EXP100 modules where we have one page on each setup with extensions that we show status and use to make attended transfer and then we have the second page on each EXP 100 setup with direct transfer to voicemail, but since changing the option code P3205 to 1 so that we get attended transfer on page one we now do not get the immediate transfer to voicemail on page two.

Hopefully someone will have some ideas on how to solve this?


Sangoma Support came up with a work around, and that’s to change the soft key to be setup as ‘DTMF’ and then use a value of ##*EXT and this worked for us.

Hi Peter,

I’m not sure I follow. Do you mean change the BLF, or the TransferVM softkey?


Hi Jason,

Sorry for the confusion, in our case we are using 2 EXP 100 expansion panels and we have page 1 on the panel setup for BLF for each extension and page 2 setup for direct to voicemail to each extension. For the BLF buttons we wanted attended transfer so we changed the Basefile config, but after this the second page buttons nolonger worked transferring direct to voicemail, so we had to change these to be DTMF buttons and then they worked.

Sorry if this doesn’t work for your situation. If not I recommend logging a support ticket with Sangoma as they are very helpful.



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