BLF and asterisk

Hello folks!

I have the following configuration:

in extensions_custom.conf:
exten => 200,hint,SIP/200
exten => 201,hint,SIP/201
exten => 202,hint,SIP/202

exten => 220,hint,SIP/220

in sip.conf:

I already did an asterisk restart.

After setting 20 BLF keys in my Yealink T28, I restart the hardphone and for a seconds I see all the lights from the phones, but afterwards only 5 stay on, the other lights go off.

And when I type asterisk -rx “sip show subscriptions” I don´t see any of the phones I added in the hints context.

Any help will be appreciated!

Why would you need to do this? FreePBX already genreates hints for the extensions.

I solved the problem upgrading the firmware of the t28p, freepbx make the subscriptions, you don’t have to put additional code

ok thanks very much, but I don´t want to do that because the telephone is in a client, and if it breaks doing the upgrade I don´t have another one.

ok, but I’m using asterisk 1.62 with a lots of t28p, without upgrading the firmware to 2.5 or later it will not work