BLF again on Grandstream

I am using freepbx- and Asterisk 11.8.1
have about 100 phones and blf do not working
i’ ve trying to set subscribecontext = from-internal pickup and callgroup is set and working
but can#t get blf working
Enable Custom Device States is set true
could anyone so nice and help me I don’t know what I can do anymore

Which model? The 2100 series, specifically the 2130,40,60, is having numerous BLF issues with their firmware. Im still fighting a transfer issue in which BLF will not work. Check out the forums on for more. Hope it helps or is relevant.

have different phones gxp2200 gxp2000 and gxp2100
and it doesn’t work at all
will check this forums to
please notify me if you get it work

Hi Orosenberg,

We’re testing against FPBX 12 and have no issues with basic BLF functionality. We’d like to get more information from you in regards to your setup. Please visit and create a support ticket so we can obtain the appropriate details to assist with your issue.