Blacklisting incoming calls with CID less than 7 digits

I am constantly bombarded with incoming spam calls. What I have noticed is that 90% of them have CID between 3 and 6 digits. Is there a way to create a rule to block incoming calls that have less than 7 digit numbers?

I would think that 5 entries in the blacklist module outta do it. Sending inbound calls with 6 or less digits to the SIT tones which would remove your numbers from some of the pre-dialing robots too :slight_smile:


petersonz, I have more than a bit of experience with the FreePBX/Asterisk blacklist, and this is the first time I have ever seen the suggestion that Asterisk dial patterns are permitted. I just did some testing, trying to block CID by dial pattern with no success. Can you confirm that it works for you or were you just being hopeful with your post?

I never tried the patterns in the blacklist, I was being hopeful.

However, I have tried the patterns in the inbound routes “Caller ID” field and it works famously.