I use the blacklist and it works well. There is only one problem. I checked the box for “BLOCK UNKNOWN/BLOCKED CALLER ID” and it worked. No unknown caller goes through. They get the SIT tone.

Now I want to remove it and I can’t. There is not check mark to remove. I tried to check it again thinking it would remove it. I used the privacy manager on the inbound routes and it still blocks the call. The only way to make it stop working is to disable the module. Then all calls work.

Is there a way to edit the database to remove manually? I can’t find the blacklisted numbers or block unknown in the database. Where are these kept?

I am using Freepbx version and blacklist version

In FreePBX, there is a delete option. Have you updated your blacklist module?

Yes, It is You don’t have the option listed in your screen shot.

You have an option to blacklist all unknown callers/caller IDs - sounds like something you don’t want to do… As you found out. Now to unblacklist that option…

Solved the Problem.

I had to go into the CLI command and put in “database del blacklist blocked”

That removed the entry and all is good to go now.

Once you check that box, you have no way to uncheck it.

Thanks for posting the solution

This is the correct way to add or remove the Block Unknown/Blocked Caller ID: setting:

Go to Blacklist, if there is a check mark in the check box for the above then clear it and click on Submit Changes. This will remove the database entry /blacklist/blocked : 1.

To set it, check the box and click on Submit Changes.

Note, you will not get a Apply Changes as there is no need to to a reload of FreePBX settings.

The problem is there is never a check mark there to remove. It is allways blank.

this looks like it is probably an issue of register_globals making it work on some people’s systems - which is a bug, there should be no need for that.

I think I jumped the gun on this, but I re-opened the ticket to give a bit more time to determine if there is a bug hiding somewhere or not.

I just tested it on two different installs (I just love my new VMware ESXi server) and I can’t reproduce it.

However, when going to Blacklist for the first time and check the checkbox the Apply Changes is triggered so I need to do a reload, but when I go back the checkbox is there, if I remove that and click Submit Changes the database entry is removed. I am on 2.8 svn on both my installs, one with Asterisk 1.4.30 the other

Mike, Don’t know what to say. The only difference is I am on ver. 2.6 and asterisk ver. 1.4.30. I will load another box and see if it happens. I will let you know. If you want access to my box, Let me know and I will give you the details.


Loaded a new box. It must be a browser problem. It works in Firefox and not Internet Explorer. I thought I tested in Firefox but I must be confused.

Same thing happened to me. I tried IE, Chrome,Safari none of them showed the box as checked. I used Firefox and it worked. Thanks for posting your finding, without it I would still be looking for answers.