Hi, noob here. First off, my apologies if my answer is in an obvious place. I have been searching for hours.

I have Asterisk and FreePBX working, making and receiving calls. Caller ID works. Extensions work. Rings Groups work. My versions are all the latest as of today, 6/15/2011.

I installed the blacklist module, but it’s not working. It told me it installed correctly, and it looks good at a glance. Everything I read on the internet tells me it’s as simple as it appears- just add a number and update, duh.

For sh**s and giggles, I reinstalled the blacklist module. I even rebooted the machine.

BTW, I am trying both number formats, for example 12223334444 and 2223334444. Which is correct?

Some things I am seeing:

  • when I add a number via the FreePBX GUI and click the “Submit” button, I don’t see that familiar orange bar at the top telling me to “Apply Configuration Changes”, in fact the only instance in which I’ll see that orange bar is by checking the checkbox to “Block Unknown/Blocked Caller ID”. When I do get the orange bar and I do save it all, the info appears to have been saved, based on the GUI display.

  • when adding a number via the GUI and clicking submit, my previously saved configuration to “Block Unknown/Blocked Caller ID” is erased. Again, I won’t see the orange box until I check that “Unknown” checkbox.

  • if I watch the vvvvr output on the command line while trying the *32 method from one of my extensions, I see messages like:
    File telephone-number does not exist in any format
    File privacy-to-blacklist-last-caller does not exist in any format
    (theres more output if you need it but you get the idea)
    Sure enough, if I look for these files on my system I do not find them.

I googled all over for info on all of this, I can find nothing. My experience with Google tells me that either I am a moron and can’t come up with the correct search terms, or this is something that does not happen to many other people, which I suppose might put me in the moron class as well. Any help is much appreciated!