Blacklist Power

I should be interested in FreePBX Blacklist module, to use it to redirect calls for a small company . They just want an unknomn caller to be routed to normal incoming route, but a blacklisted caller to be routed to an IVR. Do you think that for a 6-8 incoming lines, FreePBX will be able to process about 10 000 numbers and toggle 6-8 simultaneous calls without a collapse. If this moduel is not designed for, tell me please.

That module is a very “skinny” overlay of the inbuilt asterisk “blacklist” function, it is tied into the dialplan as exactly that a blacklist for inbound calls, but:-

will show you how to do much the same with the sqlite3 astdb tables to redirect inbound calls (or outbound for that matter) as you see fit through a custom context.

And no, 10000 entries nor multiple concurrent calls will not have a noticeable effect on your server.