Blacklist Not Working

Looking for some help figuring out why the blacklist feature isn’t working on my newly setup FreePBX setup (Distro). I added my cell phone to the blacklist to test and it rings through. It appears from monitoring the call that the number is recognized as being on the blacklist, but the call is processed normally any way.

Another thread here for someone with the same problem suggested there was something missing from their inbound route. I don’t doubt that I have the same issue. However I’m a newbie to Freepbx and don’t have a clue what that “something” might be. Any hints looking at this log?

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Does the CID in the blacklist match exactly the string provided in the SiP INVITE? You will see in the CDR and on line 41 of the call trace that the CID has a leading + character.

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Hi Lorne,
That was the problem, added the plus sign and it now works as expected! Thanks for the quick and helpful response. Have a nice weekend!

If you’re in North America, you might find it helpful to use the context from-pstn-e164-us for your PSTN trunks. It will normalize all your CIDs and DIDs to 10 digits.

Even better! Thanks again!

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