Blacklist - Not Working

No, the logs show that if there is no callerid then it will always pass the check. There is nothing to report . Just fix your cid problem

I was just looking at another thread, and they getting a dial-out error with “s” in the trouble spot. This thread has ‘s’ as the caller id on the blacklist check. They are both using PRI, etc. It seems to be too much of coincidence.

No, this guy has analog FXO’s and his callerid system is not always working, the ‘s’ extension is the “start” extension where the dialplan goes if there is not a better match for ${EXTEN} , checking app-blacklist-check against s will always come up negative if it only has numbers in it (which is what the design of it was all about)

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I just had the my analog number ported over to a SIP Trunk provider. Now when I blacklist 9055931770 the call gets dropped, which is excellent news. It seems my issue lies some where between the CLID on the analog trunk and the FreePBX depending if the number has been blacklisted. Because I now don’t use an analog trunk I won’t be able to complete any further testing. Thanks to everyone for their help.

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Once again there was NO CLID on the analog trunk EVER from that number so it just would never have worked, however I am glad you are now recognizing that app-blacklist-check works as advertised as it always has.