Blacklist logging? [SOLVED]

We using PBX Firmware 6.12.65-26
Most of our incoming calls come from callers listed in our Asterisk Phonebook.
When those calls are logged in cdr table, the clid field includes the Caller Name, as well as the clid number.
All good.
We also have lots of blacklisted names and numbers entered into blacklist module.
Mostly marketing, political parties, and similar dross.
The blacklist function suits our needs nicely.
BUT when an incoming blacklisted call is logged in cdr table, only the clid is included in clid field.
How can incoming blacklisted calls include the blacklisted name in clid field of cdr, same as logged incoming calls get name/s from asterisk phonebook ?

Edit. Maybe this should be a “feature request” ?

Using latest Blacklist module 12.0.3
A workaround seems to be :
Include unwanted caller name and number in BOTH blacklist AND Asterisk phonebook.
When unwanted call is handled by blacklist, both name and number get logged in cdr table.
Seems slightly messy, but it works.