Blacklist Improvements

Hello everyone,

Under Admin → Blacklist → Settings, you can enable ‘Block Unknown/Blocked Caller ID’. However, it looks like it only blocks caller ID numbers that show as ‘Unknown’ or ‘Unavailable’ and it is case sensitive, so ‘unavailable’ will not get blocked.

I submitted a feature request with a PR that fixes the case sensitive issue and blocks when matching the following caller IDs:

  • unknown
  • unavailable
  • anonymous
  • private
  • restricted
  • blocked

Please raise your voice if you have any questions or concerns

Thank you


It would be great if we could define the variables ourselves, so as things change we don’t have to submit another feature request.

This is actually a good idea. I’ll look into it.

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Another thing that would be nice (I don’t know that it would be an easy addition though) is split routing for “Blacklisted Numbers” vs unknown, anonymous, etc.

A good example we block scammers and pushy salespeople that don’t understand the word NO. Currently our blacklist sends them to a dedicated voicemail. With this change to allow for the few legitimate customers whose numbers come up anonymous I would need to route the blacklist to a confirmation IVR instead.

Another way to say this is a control for different groups, right?
Group 1 > Included Numbers > Action
Group 2 > Included Numbers > Different Action

Linear, so first match is the action taken.

I agree that would be a great enhancement.

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