Blacklist calls routing

Is it possible to route inbound calls from CIDs that was blacklisted so that they are sent to special queue or special application or extension, but not just to “Not available” message?

There is a third party module that allows you to redirect blacklisted calls:

Blacklist is one of those moduless that has a lot of needs. It is on a long list of todos

OK then.

The way I do it is with inbound routes, put the number you want in and tell it where to send them.

When filling in the Caller ID number, you MUST use the following format… _xxxxxxxxxx I.E. _5559914444. At the bottom you have the option to send it where you like, make up a blocked caller black hole if you wish, or just terminate the call.

If you need more info, let me know.

I do understand there is such a way. But I need to route precisely blacklisted calls, because I want to use *30, *31, *32 extensions to blacklist the caller. I need an easy way for users to manage the blacklist using a phone without admin panel.