Blackberry recieves mixed pager formats

One of our users is set up to send a page message to a Blackberry. There are two scenarios that I have tested which yield different results.

The first is when a message is left from an internal extension. In this case, the message is sent/received as a text message. This might not be a problem in many cases, but because of the format of the VM_CALLERID variable and the way the message is interpreted, when characters like < and 3 are next to each other (<3), we get a heart. This keeps the user from being able to select the complete number to return the call. On top of that, the sender address is still [email protected], which I had changed.

The second scenario is an inbound caller who leaves a message. The pager format is an e-mail rather than a text message, which doesn’t seem to pose any problems. The sender address is also correct.

What I think we would like to do is to have all pages sent in the e-mail format to avoid issues. What can I do to ensure this?