Black List Module

I just installed Asterisk Now with FreePBX. My system doesn’t have the Block List module. Can somebody help me find that module?


Normally you’d find “Blacklist” under the “Admin” menu. If it’s not there (which is what I think you are saying) then it may not be installed. Check in “Module Admin” (also under the “Admin” menu) and verify that it’s installed. You may need to enable additional repositories at the top (as long as Basic and Extended are enabled I think it’ll be there.)

I had installed just AsteriskNow with FreePBX interface and that version doesn’t install Black List. However, problem solved, I just installed FreePBX Distro and it has it plus a lot more.

And now the fun begins … configuration.
Thank you for your response.


If you are just starting off learning Asterisk and FreePBX you might consider installing the real FreePBX distro as opposed to AsteriskNow.