Bizarre IVR/Queue issue


We have a phone system where the queues are not behaving as expected. The issue started today.

Some calls appear to get through however other calls will be pulled back out of the queue into the IVR almost immediately after joining.

It is quite a simple setup. Inbound calls (IAX) go to the IVR which has three options. Options 1 and 2 are queues and option 3 is an extension.

The queues all require agents to sign in otherwise they fail over to a line closed message.

Logs aren’t much help as they just show what is happening with no errors. We get the IVR played, option selected, queue announcement and then a fraction of a second of the on hold music before going back to the IVR.

Initially it was only one queue but now it is both. Our best guess is that some module updates at the weekend have changed the queue config and when we have clicked save on the queues something has broken.

Not sure what though…


Did you get this sorted? I have the same on where if I have an agent on the queue but phone is offline call goes back to IVR but if the Queue has no agents it works fine.

We found other threads on the issue. Apparently this issue occurs when the first agent in the queue is busy and the system then thinks the whole queue is busy.

The solution is to go to the queue and set Agent Restrictions to “Extensions only” (suggested by Raúl Pérez on the second link)

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