Bizarre electronic announcement interferes with phone conversations

In the past few days a bizarre electronic announcement interferes with phone conversations making conversation impossible. It does not happen to all calls, but 2-3 times during the day. Electronic voice says in French and then English following: “Bonneville” windows and doors, announces that, due to liquidity issues, it has temporarily suspended its operations effective immediately. During that time conversion becomes impossible as not only the announcement overlaps with the conversation, but also speech itself and the announcement become distorted / stuttered (staccato sound).

Asterisk logs shows no other simultaneous calls that’s why I don’t understand from where the announcement is originating from.

Once it happened during the time somebody was leaving a voice-mail, so I have a recording / wave file.
Again checking asterisk logs reveals no unusual activity.

[Sep 14 21:24:53] VERBOSE[32183] app_voicemail.c: -- Recording the message
[Sep 14 21:24:53] VERBOSE[32183] app.c: -- x=0, open writing: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/405/tmp/k76KXs format: wav49, 0xb6c08880
[Sep 14 21:24:53] VERBOSE[32183] app.c: -- x=1, open writing: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/405/tmp/k76KXs format: wav, 0xb6a28f30
[Sep 14 21:25:13] VERBOSE[32183] app.c: -- User hung up

Anybody has an idea what it could be?

Or is a VPS that did not get wiped well before you took over ?

Did you build it ?

No, it’s a standalone computer, installed about 6 months ago, and it’s sitting in my basement at home.

Sounds like a problem with your PSTN Line or VOIP provider.

Bonneville Windows & Doors is in Ontario, Canada…

If you call them at their 1-800 number, you’ll hear the exact announcement you described in both English and French. 1-800-463-8801.

Are you using a VOIP provider from Canada? Are you in Canada?

I noticed a similar report from another user a while ago…

I don’t have a PSTN line and my internet connection is from a cable company.
Yes, I am using as a provider and it’s a Canadian company. I posted a ticket with them and they are in a state of denial as usual. It usually takes at least couple of days of back and force messages before they will start moving.
I do not have a business next door.
No, it’s not in my head, as I mentioned, I have a voice mail / wave file with the interference recorded (read again my first message).

Even though I appreciate your sense of humor, I need to troubleshoot this issue somehow.

I’ve updated my comments since the original one, so you should re-read it.

My guess is that Bonneville is a customer as well, and that they use the same server that you do.

Try using a different server.

I agree with your observations about Tech Support.

Also, if you want the mucky mucks at to hear about this, you’ll want to post your issue here:

SuppaFly and MartinM are both employees. I got the sense that MartinM is one of the owners.

Before I will make an ass of myself, are there any reasons other the VoIP provider cross-talk?
Asterisk logs definitely show nothing. Any other places to look?

Unless you have some kind of relationship with Bonneville Windows in Canada, I can’t imagine how it could be anything other than

I don’t think you need to make an ass of yourself. Just go change your server on the web-page and see if the problem goes away. I’m using Seattle and LA and haven’t had the problems you’re reporting. I read on the DSL Reports Tech Chat that Montreal is having trouble today, and was rerouting Seatle to Chicago a few days ago when Seattle went out. My guess is that Bonneville Windows & Doors is using one of those servers, and that you are as well.

I think you got a wrong company.

Bonneville Windows and Doors
274, Duchesnay
Sainte-Marie, Beauce
(Quebec) G6E 3C2

Telephone: (418) 387-1000
Toll free: 1-800-463-8801
Fax: (418) 387-2078

That probably explains the bilingual message

Posted also on Looks like other folks have the same issues.