Bind Port vs. Endpoint Port

I’m a little confused about the difference between the “bind port” set in ‘Setting > Sip Setting > Chan Sip Settings > Bind Port’ and the endpoint port set in ‘Extensions > Advanced > Port’

I have my bind port set as 5160 (the new default) but all my extensions are set to 5060. Everything seems to work fine (I register by appending :5160 after my server address) but I’m a little concerned this is an improper configuration

Should these ports be the same? What’s the difference between these two port settings?

Thanks in advance!

Bind Port is the port number at the chan_sip end of the connection, i.e. the port that Asterisk ‘listens’ on. REGISTER and INVITE requests from extensions must use this as their destination port number. If you have any trunks that use IP authentication instead of registration, configure your provider to send calls to this port.

The port number for an extension is used only when the extension is statically configured and does not register. Asterisk will send incoming calls for that extension to that port, at the address in the ‘host’ setting. It’s the port at the remote end of the connection.

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