Bind and bind-utils not installed on 2.210.62-5 distro

I have an install of distro 2.210.62-5. dig and nslookup are not working. It seems that bind-utils is not installed.

Would someone please run the following on a 2.210.62-5 distro system and post the output.

rpm -qa | grep bind

Why not just install it ?

yum install bind-utils

I did install it. However in previous versions of the FreePBX Distro using Centos 5.x it was already installed. It is possible that in Centos 6.x it is not installed by default as part of the base OS install and the guys at Schmooze Com might consider adding it to the standard Distro install.

Many find dnsmasq to be a more appropriate and easier to setup nameserver than bind for an asterisk box, I believe that you will find it already there and working.


I didn’t need bind on this install. The actual problem was neither dig nor nslookup were installed and are part of bind-utils on Red-Hat. I find it odd that basic utilities like dig or nslookup would not be part of standard OS install.

I am sure many of us do that by nature, For Centos I usually add other basics such as mc jwhois nano rsync bind-utils , probably better in the kickstart file as you suggest . . . maybe others have a favorite util missing, maybe a feature request in the bug tracker ?