Billing solution

How to implement billing logic .please give me suggestion

Why should I?

I need to implement to billing engine in freepbx.

So you can figure out how to bilk people out of money since you are delaying calls?


(I would point out that nobody pays a red rupee until an Answer is met in the dialplan progression if he uses my suggestion)

There’s a commercial module : FreePBX CM Call Accounting 1 or 25 Years License
Also, FreePBX CM Call Accounting 1 Month Trial

I need logic for billing integration. please suggest me.

Do you not like this suggestion because it actually requires you to pay money? Either take the suggestion offered, or go figure it out yourself without pestering people here to come up with solutions for you.

Sorry. I don’t pestering anybody.
no need to be aggressive. I sent a suggestion that’s all.

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Not you Franck. I was quoting your solution for the guy who is being a pest. Your solution is probably exactly right but he keeps asking.


Ha ok :slight_smile:
Thanks man

You mean the guy that we’re all pretty much sure on what he’s doing? Honestly, at this point I don’t think we should be encouraging this at all. This person is clearly in the deep end of the pool when they should be staying in the wading pool with floaters on.

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Franck, I do have a question about this module. Last year I was able to see the documents on the Wiki page. As of today when I go back to the page I am not only prompted for my login account (odd that it’s required) but I’m then giving a “You do not have permission to view this page” and I have to get permission.

So anyone else having this problem? Why would this even be a thing?


Sorry for this wrong announcement.
This module is not out yet. The document is restricted only.
I thought this module was out. but it’s not opened to public yet.
As my privileges is opened, I can see this module into the list. So I thought it was available.

But take a look on it, is coming soon.

But for the specific accounts, the page is unlocked right now. (Indeed the page was restricted as well to me).

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