Big Thanks to the Developers and support

I just wanted to say a big thanks to the Developers and the helpers on this site.

After almost three years now I have been running FreePBX with relatively no issues what so ever. Any issues along the way have been taken care of by the community and or the development team remotely!

I have also been using SipStation as a way or an attempt to provide something in return and I do urge anyone that is looking for a trunk provider to use SipStation. For myself, SipStation has trumped many other providers in reliability, features and quality on so many levels.

FreePBX is as the name implies, Free to use but a little support could help the developers in a big way… please try to support in some way or another.

On to the support of the forums…
There are some great people that help out on these forums, one guy that outshines is SkyKingOH, he has helped me on many occasions when I have been in a bind, has been around a lot longer than most of us and I am sure will be around a lot longer than most of us :slight_smile:

In fact, there is a lot of people on here that help, my hat is off to all of you and I try once in a while to lend a hand in helping out. After all, that is why this forum is here, for all of us to learn from and to teach back when we can.

So that is all I have… Just a huge thanks to everyone involved in this ongoing project. I just don’t think thanks is said enough times to the people who help us out on a daily basis.

Peace to everyone…