Beta1, where did the Cisco config links go?

Havent seen them since upgrading to Beta 1 or Beta 2.

Any help would be appreciated.

The Cisco Config link, together with everything under the “maintenance” tab, is NOT part of AMP orfreePBX, but of Asterisk at Home.

You lost it when you updated your AAH with freePBX instead of waiting for the next AAH version :slight_smile:

But you can still access the stuff under the old Maintenance tab by
going to http://yourasteriskbox/maint, and you can put the Maintenance tab back by editing (at your own risk) the file admin/header.php. If you do that, you should also edit maint/header.php to make it correspond to freePBX,
as well as maint/common/mainstyle.css to make the overal width 85% instead of the pixel value it has now.