BETA-6.12.65-13 "gpg check failed"

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This is my first post, maybe will be usefull.
GPG problem is the problem of the firewall that is blocking port TCP 11371, so GPG is unable to retrive keys.
I had the same, then I ask my network team to open this port, and everything start to work.

Workaround to this can be to add one server that can replay on port 80:
In file /var/www/html/admin/libraries/BMO/GPG.class.php, line 167
$keyservers = array(“”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “hkp://”);
but it will not resolve all isues.

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I tried what you suggested Dicko and didn’t work either.

I then re downloaded a new 64bit track as soon as I logged in I had core disabled because FreePbx framework needed to be higher then 12.01 beta5 I updated Freepbx Framework to beta12.01 beta18 then enabled core and presto no issues.

Hope this helps

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0whiteshadow0 this procedure worked for me, thanks

But the fix is in anyway I see. thanks

beta19 is now released with the fix